COVID-19 and the Courts


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“Take care and stay healthy.” As I said those five words to a friend recently, I stopped and thought about what just happened. On the surface, the words aren’t that unusual. But it’s not something we would have said—especially the directive to “stay healthy”— before COVID-19. Unfortunately, today the phrase makes perfect sense. How our world has changed.

This is particularly true within the law. As a 25+year attorney, I have never seen such sweeping changes in procedure to an industry that ordinarily despises even minor changes. Attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals are usually very slow to adopt new technology, change the status quo of how courts conduct business, or otherwise innovate the administration of the law. COVID-19 changed that in an instant.

Judges who had never heard of Zoom have been forced to adopt similar technologies to continue the administration of justice. Remote video hearings are commonplace, court deadlines have been extended, courthouses have been closed. The list of changes to daily court operations is endless. So how do you quickly get the word out to the legal community about these changes and the new technologies that the courts are using?

You guessed it. New technology, especially an innovative web-based platform called LegalBevy.

LegalBevy has gathered every court order and update (top 20 most populous counties for each state) affecting the administration of the courts during the COVID-19 pandemic, nationwide. Are you a multi-jurisdictional practitioner who lives in New York but needs to know if deadlines have changed in a case you filed in Miami? Are the courts using remote viewing/video hearings in Albuquerque? Do you have to get your temperature taken before you enter a courthouse in Texas? Find all that information—and much more—quickly and in one place on LegalBevy. 

LegalBevy allows you to easily create a group (called a “Bevy”) to post information about any jurisdiction or legal-based topic. Then others can follow your Bevy and add more detail or comment on existing posts. Tags help specify topics and add descriptions and identifiers to a user’s post.

LegalBevy is the smart and easy way to share and search for information any time, and particularly in our rapidly changing, pandemic-driven legal environment. 

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